Saturday, August 7, 2010

you're safe if i'm safe,and if she's safe, we're all good

Originally to be posted August 5, 2010

Well this website told me the following things about my name…
  1. 50% of the letters are vowels. Of one million first and last names we looked at, 2.2% have a higher vowel make-up. This means it isextremely well envoweled.
  2. In ASCII binary it is... 01000101 01110010 01101001 01101110 00100000 01001100 01100001 01101011 01100101
  3. Backwards, it is Nire Ekal... nice ring to it, huh?
  4. In Pig Latin, it is Erinway Akelay.
  5. People with this first name are probably: Female. So, they are constantly overcharged for beauty products

I suppose it’s the little things in life that bring me joy?

For breakfast I enjoyed some more oats, cottage cheese, and almond milk. Only this time the almond milk was….chocolate. Whoo Hoo! It was rather deelish.
Lunch was at the lovely Sandwich Factory with the bf. Sandwich shops in gas stations are the bees knees.
 It was a build your own kind of shop, so I took the liberty of building. My sandwich had the following: lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, avocado, pickles, cucumber, Dijon mustard, spices, salt, and pepper, all on some marble rye bread. Why did I get all of these ingredients? Because I can!
Snacks were some more of that devil bread (a.k.a. banana walnut bread from yesterday), and goldfish. Not exactly the healthiest of choices, but they were what I wanted at the time.
After work was more gym time and then possibly a trip to Costco with the bf. Since our internet is MIA (missing in action) we must entertain ourselves with pointless errands, and classic DVDs. However, Gatsby does need a puppy bed.

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