Sunday, August 1, 2010

you look smashing in your fourth grade picture

Where's this delicious sandwich from?
Why Beach Hut Deli of course!
I got the Beach Bikini™: Turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, sunflower seeds, alfalfa sprouts and mayo on special sliced wheat. S $5.95.
However, I asked for no mayo and no turkey. My mother ordered for me, and she took it upon herself to have them put the meat on the side (she said she couldn't see paying for it and not getting it). Geez. So I ended up putting a slice on each half. I asked for no meat because I think they put way too much on their sandwiches. Just my personal opinion.
I also got a bag of Baked Lay's on the side and a Diet Coke.
My morning snack was 2 servings of baby carrots and a peach in the car on the way to my parents house, and then in the afternoon I had some Triscuits with a laughing cow.

After my parents Oooooh and Ahhhhhed over Gatsby. I went home and had a veggie roasting party while I cleaned simultaneously. I'm quite the multi-tasker like that.

I still have some cleaning to do, and then it's relaxation and dinner time. I think it's Hot Tub Time Machine watching tonight!

I shall leave you with some more pet photos (sorry for the overload, I swear I can't help it). I shall title this piece, "When the Cat and Dog Both Love the Same Bed"

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