Sunday, August 1, 2010

Married to the game but she broke her vows

Ok so I couldn't post yesterday. The bf was motivated to work on our laminate flooring in the office, hence no internet connection, because he was busy busy busy. Whistling while he worked, I suppose.
I also realized that I haven't even posted any pics of my first love, Zeppelin. Zeppelin and Oliver have a touch and go relationship at this point but I caught them in the act of love. This
moment must be documented.  
Ok, I just wanted proof that they truely are besties.
Onto some eats. Dinner on Friday night was the following diddy.
Ariel straight up wanted my dinglehopper, don't mind her.
Chickpea burger
1c cooked brown rice
Ketchup galore  

3 oz broccoli slaw
2tbsp eggplant hummus

It was rather deelish if I do say so myself. However, I did want something a little sweet afterwards. I was laughing at Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch, and somehow decided upon my last medium apple cooked in the microwave with some cinnamon on top. I really need to think of some type of crust supstitution to add to this mix, I would never need a traditional apple pie ever again. Well, almost.

Breakfast saturday morning was some coffee in the mermaid mug and the typical overnight oats (drizzle of syrup, truvia)

I didn't forget my camera this time at Tahoe. So enjoy a picture montage of the morning. 
The eats at the beach were a peach...

...and an egg white sandwich (1/2 container Trader Joe's Egg White and chive mix, lettuce, Double Fiber Bread) and about 2 servings of baby carrots.
Upon arrival home from the beach I was starved, so I grabbed the other half of the egg white deliciousness and the heel of my bread loaf.
Off to the gym I went to partake in some me time. I was pretty tired already considering we had to hike down to the water in Tahoe and then consequently back up to the car. Plus being in the sun can take the life out of you! But I managed to do 3 miles on the treadmill and some strength training. (I'll post the weight workouts for the latter half of my week later this evening)

Man this is the longest blog post ever! I guess I just had a lot to fill you guys in on. 
Like my recent grocery store stop.
I also made a green monster when I got home from the grocery store. I felt like I needed some energy. Snow White thought it was a green apple. Why does she keep going after those things?

Dinner was a favorite. Brinner. Oh yes, Breakfast for dinner! I made the bf and I pancakes to enjoy while we watched some 24 and relaxed. We had quite the busy day and comfort food was in order.
I had 2/3c Bisquick HeartSmart Mix
About 1/2-3/4 c Almond Milk
1/2 c Sugar free syrup
After I hit the hay for a while I was woken up by whining Gatsby....too early I might add. I'm still a little groggy. Such is life I suppose. I have some errands to run today and I need to get a workout in at some point. But before I go, breakfast was 2 cups o joe in the other Ariel mug and a grapefruit with Truvia. Doesn't seem like much, but I wasn't too hungry just yet. We ate pancakes later than usual last night and so I'm still pretty a-ok on the hungry scale front.
Until this evening, enjoy your Sunday!
...and listen to this...

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