Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i change shapes just to hide in this place

Serious updates and pictures are in order!
Ok for starters, let’s jump right into some recent eats.
Chips, Fajitas, Scones, Pizza, Waffles, Crackers, O My! Sounds like the plan of an obese person. 

Well I don’t consider myself obese, but I threw in some veggies for good measure.
So my update from yesterday needs some explaining doesn’t it.
The bf (Excuse me, Fiancé. Weird.) was to be surprised with a new vehicle. I was in cahoots with his parents to make a trip to Vegas for the old and new car switcheroo. So we got on the road.
Gatsby enjoyed himself.
And drooled a lot.
There were some interesting sights along the way...
...and then we finally arrived. The fiancé was stoked about his new vehicle and it started the weekend off on a rather joyous note.
We gallivanted around Vegas, enjoyed some eats, as well as a flick…
Not my choice by the way, but it was alright.
To make a long story short, I was proposed to on Friday the 13th, on a rooftop.
The next day I enjoyed flashing my bling and consuming liquor in the middle of the day. When in Rome
It’s both exciting and exhausting informing everyone about an engagement. I’m also both stressed and excited. Any tips?
Plus, how could I forget about son #3, Gatsby was love struck by this beauty.
They had a whirlwind romance.

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