Monday, August 16, 2010

eliminate the need for water replace it with a safe shell

Holy Moly!

I know the last time I checked in it was Wednesday evening. Can I just say a lot has happened since then. I will continue to update for the next couple of days, but here is a Top 5 List.

1) The bf was surprised with a new car. Hybrid style. Awesome.
2) Gatsby got his first girlfriend. She's a chiuaua. It's long distance relationship though, and I think he's too immature to handle it.
3) I ate my first Hush Puppy.
4) I took a week off of exercise.
5) Oh and I got ENGAGED!

(I'm feeling exhausted and drained though this evening, so I think regualr blogness will continue tomorrow. I unfortunately didn't get too many food photos while in Vegas because we frequently ate with family and new friends. I didn't feel like explaining.)

So with that I leave you with a song that always reminds me of the bf: "Penelope" by Pinback

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