Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What on earth is that green goop?

Oh yeah that’s my dinner from last night.

What it doesn’t look good! You are so wrong! Just because it has some weird ingredients mixed together doesn’t mean you should judge it! In the mix:
About 4 C of spinach
5 Green Olives
2 tbsp of Light Balsamic Dressing
A serving of Light Tofu
A tomato
About 2 cups of zucchini
Yep that’s right.
This morning I woke up and had a rather hard run. My legs felt like lead and I just couldn’t climb the hills. It wasn’t a total fail because I got up and did it in the first place, I just wish I could go faster. Garmin, tell the truth.

Here are my flowers I water every morning. Some seem to be doing better than others.

Quick stop at the Starbucks: Venti Iced Coffee with about 3-4 tbs of half & half. Deelish!

Usual breakfast: ½ c oats, 5 strawberries, water, sprinkle of cinnamon.

Snack #1 was a grapefruit.

Lunch was an Oroweat sandwich thin, ½ c egg whiteslaughing cow cheese, tomato and 1 c of asparagus. It was rather good.

Except I was hungry again about an hour later! So I had another sandwich thin with about 1-2 tbsp of almond butter. Mmmm.

Then before work let out I had some of my co-workers lime cottage cheese concoction. I know it looks scary but it is really good! She takes cottage cheese and adds some lime jell-o mix and piapple chunks. It certainly helped my tummy feel full.

Then it was back to the casa to do some leg strength training.
Lunge and lift
Leg lifts
Calf raises
Step ups
Straight leg pullover crunch

It was another scorcher today and man those leg moves got me nice and sweaty. I'd share a picture of that but that's a picture not even my mother would want to see.
I think my evening is calling for some relaxation. Until manana.

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