Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Oliver

I think I’ve neglected to mention that my bf and I are renting out a room to a boy I used to go to high school with. I was a little skeptical to do this because let’s face it, I’m not 18 anymore and I really don’t like roommates. I think I should have stuck with my gut on this one. I am finding that I have anxiety about going home. I won’t get into too many of the details, but man o man I’m wishing it was his moving time.
Last night I enjoyed some deelish dinner. I wanted to use up some tofu (you will be seeing a lot of this within the next couple days since I have a lot of it, it was on sale!). So I invented something. I am the queen of making a meal out of anything. Often times I will get a weird stare at work when I make my lunches because to the average human my eating habits can be odd I suppose. Ok back to dinner, I microwaved up some tofu on a whole wheat wrap and then put some fresh spinach and artichoke hearts on that bad boy. Oh and a little squirt of Siracha. Done. Deelish. I also microwaved up some frozen mixed veggies. To have on the side.

I was craving something chocolate and cold after the Siracha attacked my mouth, and so I settled on a smoothie. This bad boy had a handful of ice, ½ a frozen banana, 1 spoonful of chocolate powder, and ½ c almond milk.
Oh yeah, and then Jack Bauer entertained me for 2 hours.
Oliver also seems to be feeling better from his kitten cold and eye infection. I actually haven’t heard him sneeze once since he went to the doctor. Who knows?
This morning I put on some new jeans and a new shirt, so already I was feeling good. J I got to work and enjoyed some usual breakfast. Oatmeal just sticks to my bones, and frankly I like that. 

I also went for a lunch time run early….like 8:00 early. It is soooo hot here. I had planned to do 5 miles outside but once again the heat hit me like a pile of bricks, so I only ended up doing 3 with minor walking breaks. I will do the other 2 at the gym tonight with a fan blowing directly on me while guzzling water. That’s right. When I got back from my 3 miler I was literally dripping. Not pretty. I calmed down, drank copious amounts of water, and then had the energy to change back into some normal clothes. I couldn’t work all day in my spandex and AC/DC tank top. Although it would have been nice. :)
Morning Snack was another grapefruit. I am really lovin’ this fruit in the summertime, so refreshing.
I also am a little anal and line all of the slices up on my plate, sprinkle Truvia on them, and then strategically pick pieces to gobble down.

Lunch time rolled around and I had a repeat of yesterday’s lunch with one minor tweak. I didn’t have laughing cow cheese but I did find some tomato basil cream cheese in the fridge at work. I put a light spread on my sandwich thin, then proceeded with the usual ingredients: tomato, egg white, pepper, with a side of asparagus. 

I think I’ve realized this meal doesn’t really fill me up to well because like yesterday I was hungry shortly after today. So I ate 2 of these delicious rolls from Texas Roadhouse. They were pretty small, so they hit the spot, and they were unique and flavorful, even though they don’t look it.

Still, yet again, I was hungry. I felt like I needed some almond butter in my life. In comes sandwich thin with almond butter (I’d say about 2 tbsp worth). Finally my tummy feels good.
Oh and a mini York Peppermint Patty.
Of to the gym I went to do my last 2 miles I mentioned before (2.5% incline, speed 6.0), and then some weights. I’m doing weights two days in a row because my mom is coming into town tomorrow and I want to be able to spend time with her after I’ve been at work all day. So I will run during lunch again and get my weights out of the way today. Compromise is wonderful. :)
Seated row, Lat pull downs, stability ball Y’s and T’s, 21s, Stability Ball Back extension, Frog crunches, Hammer curls, Oblique V-up. (All courtesy of Fitnessista) In fact for the 5 weeks of pre-training I will be doing the same moves and maybe varying up the reps.
The gym was hot and now I am tired. Plus my contacts keep drying up in my eyes. Enough complaining. I leave you with precious kitten pictures.

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