Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hefeweizen? Yes please!

So last night the bf and I went out to celebrate, as promised. We ventured on over to BJ's Brewery and Restaurant. Deelish! The bf thoroughly enjoys it there, and I kind of fancy it as well. We were seated right away and instantaneously put in our beer orders. Of course. As if there is another way. We both decided to sip some Harvest Hefeweizen. And for you beer lovers:


Not just another wheat beer. Our hefeweizen is fermented with authentic Bavarian weizen yeast to produce its unique flavor profile – fruity, spicy, and refreshing. Try it without a lemon!



Malt Varieties:

Bitterness (IBU):
Starting Gravity:
Hop Varieties:
Bavarian Hefeweizen
4.9% by volume
Wheat, 2-row Pale, Vienna
Perle, Hallertau
1st Place German Wheat & Rye at 2006 California State Fair; Gold Medal South German-Style Hefeweizen at 2005 LA County Fair; Bronze Medal German-Style Wheat Ale at 2004 Los Angeles County Fair; Second Place Continental Wheat beer at 1997 California State Fair

I apparently gulp instead of sip. Whatevs. For dinner I ordered this diddy minus the pecans.


This salad features assorted field-grown baby lettuce tossed with raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing, feta cheese, fire-roasted red peppers, mandarin oranges, red onions and candied pecans. Available with grilled chicken.

The bf and I enjoyed some lovely conversation about his new job venture and were both giddy in excitement. Good news is always appreciated! Before we even finished our dinner we decided U-Swirl was a must. U-Swirl is a do-it-yourself yogurt place with lots of flavors and lots of topping choices. I got a 16 oz cup filled with sugar free vanilla. plus toppings like white chocolate chips, brownie bits, graham cracker dust, oreo crumble...and I think that's it. I suppose that's enough. :)

Then we went home and enjoyed some Daniel Tosh comedy on the Netflix.
Breakfast was the usual suspect. 1/2 c oats, 5 strawberries, a Stevia packet and some cinnamon.

For snack I had the last of my garlic hummus and some carrot sticks.

The bf wanted to meet me for lunch before he went to work, so who am I to complain. We went to a place we love and haven't been to in a really long time: Spicy Pickle! He got:
santa cruz$6.95
And I got:
With half a...

garden state$6.75

...and a small...

greek$6.75 | $3.95 sm

Plus we split this chocolate chip cookie.

My sister was nice enough to take Oliver to the veterinarian today because he has been a little sick. I couldn't get an appointment that worked with my work schedule. Anyway, the poor little darling has a cold and an eye infection! I'll be nursing him back to health for the next 10 days.

I also had to stay late for work and finish up a conference call. because of this I'm going to head in later tomorrow morning. Which means....I get to run in the morning! Whoo hoo! It's been soooo hot here and I have to work so early that it's a bit inconceivable to run before work but it's really a necessity with the heat. I learned this lesson again today when I decided I really didn't want to run 5 miles on the treadmill and that I would much rather do it outside. I set out on this outdoor run at about 5:00 and 90 degrees. I realized about a mile in that it was a horrible idea. I ran for the first 2 miles and then I had to walk home. I ran out of water! so I will just have to swap my 5 miler for my 3 miler. 5 miles in the morning it is! Today's damage is as follows. 

Slow yes, but it was hot!

Now it's off to make dinner, relax, and medicate Oliver!

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