Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Edition

The chickpea burgers turned out quite stupendous. For a recap of how I make them go to my previous post "Chickpea Madness!.
I just love that the bf requests them.
Dinner was a repeat of last night, sort of. I had the same wrap but I threw in a green monster instead of carrots and almond butter on the side.
whole wheat tortilla
2 tbsp eggplant hummus
5 oz of lite tofu
3 oz of broccoli slaw
Green monster was the same ingredients as yesterday.
I can't understand why my plants die either. WTF?! I water them and feed them plant food and sing them lullabies.

Onto the today's eats…nothing too exciting because I’m pretty much a repeat food offender today. What can I say? I find a combo that I like and then I eat it a lot. I also do this because I hate to waste food. 
I will however have something a little different for dinner tonight! Chickpea Burger concoction coming at ya! Since you remember I made a batch of them yesterday for the bf…I must partake in their awesomeness as well.
Two songs I’ve been really into lately:
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
Lady Antebellum – American Honey
I told Oliver the other day that I downloaded the song for him because he’s honey colored. So I sing it to him sometimes. (Yeah I talk to my cat, so what).
Gym time today was supposed to be epic. However, a little phone call and emergency vet visit prevented this. I'll post more about this tomorrow but here's a sneak peek...
(Can I say I'm exhausted already? Is that allowed?)

Oh and just in case you hadn’t gotten your fill of entertainment for the day, The Jersey Shore cast hit up the NYSE today.
GTL Baby

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