Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Name: Gatsby

Someone referred to me as Dr. Doolittle today.
Is that bad?
Ok, so what if I’ve taken in a kitten and a puppy within the same month. You would too!
Here’s the story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Yesterday afternoon, while at work, the bf calls me and says, “I’m coming to your work, I’ll be there in 40 minutes.” Flabergasted, I responded with “Um ok, is everthing ok?”.We’ll talk when I get there”. So naturally I was freaking out. I hung up the phone and a million things ran through my head: Did someone die? Did he get fired? Are we going on a surprise trip?
I’m aware I was all over the place.

Fifteen minutes later I get a text message reading: Can you go straight home after work?

This furthered my confusion. Sure if you need me to, I replied.

I sat panicked and with butterflies in my stomach, trying to concentrate at work, but unable to think about anything besides what could possibly be going on!

Finally he arrives and I get the call, “Come outside and meet me.” “Ok” I say.

He’s going to break up with me I think to myself. Oh my god, what did I do? I don’t even remember?

I walk outside and what do I see….the bf holding this
And so it began.

Let me go back a second and reiterate the fact that I am a planner. (Remember when I bought my new, neat, crisp planner earlier this week, and how it brought me so much joy?) This experience was not written in there. If I had known a puppy would be coming into my life I would have bought “Puppies for Dummies” or some other equally lame book, read up on what to do, what not to do, and then agonized over my puppy raising philosophy.

After writing that I’m realizing maybe the spontaneity was needed.

Anyway, how could I pass up a face like that?! Then the bf’s story was the icing on my newly smashed cupcake.

“Erin I just found him in the desert. I was out at work and he was just walking around this shed. I walked in there and saw him, and was like, ‘Cute puppy, who’s is it?’ Then the natives who live on the reservation let me know I could have him and that he had no home. Apparently there are always stray dogs on the reservation and nobody claims them and people shoot them so they don’t procreate. So I took him.”

Ok you had me at “found him in the desert.”

So now with that we have a new addition to the family. Yes, we just adopted a kitten from the Humane Society 3 weeks ago; yes that makes 2 baby animals in the same month. I’m aware at how this sounds. But really if the bf wouldn’t have brought him home I would be worried about what kind of man he was. He’s got too big of a heart. That’s why we’re pals.

So we went to the vet, got puppy shots, went for a puppy walk, and traveled in the car to get soft serve. This kids all right!

Any tips for raising this precious guy? I have never owned let alone raised a dog before, HELP!

p.s. Don't worry, more phots to come!

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