Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beta Carotene

My new puppy kept me up last night. Not because he was annoying (he spent the night in a crate in the living room) but because I must have had subconscious anxiety about him. I swear I couldn’t sleep at all!
So naturally today is a little difficult to get through. I had 2 cups of Ariel cup coffee today. Seriously, that never happens. I know I can drink Venti coffees like nobody’s business but double dipping on the coffee cup experience, never. I’d like to say it helped but I’m not really sure it did. I’m still a little drowsy.
Last night’s dinner was interesting. And by interesting, I mean epic.
2 c green beans
1 serving lite tofu
1 chickpea burger
2 tbsp eggplant hummus
Today’s eats were some overnight oats (½ c oats, ½ c fat free cottage cheese, ½ c almond milk, Stevia packet, drizzle of sugar free syrup). However I thought I’d show them in a different light, i.e. the container I pack them in. Convenient and portable.
This combination is really hitting the spot lately.
Morning snack was a whole wheat mini bagel from Trader Joe’s dipped in half a container of egg white salad with chives from Trader Joe’s.
Oh and here are some precious photos I shot of Gatsby (the new puppy) this morning, when I should have been sleeping.
He clearly loves his new friend, Mr. Beta Carotene.
Lunch was equally yum as all other meals. I had about 2-3 c of zucchini and an egg white and laughing cow cheese sandwich.
Afternoon snack was a Green Monster. But I failed in taking a picture of it!
Even though I was exhausted I still went to the gym today and did this strength routine...
 ...and 35 minutes of cardio. I was going to run but I think I might stick with the elliptical. Running when my head hurts due to lack of sleep only furthers my headache I’ve found.
Then some running of errands with the puppy, and perhaps a park jaunt while we’re out.
Do you still work out when you’re tired or do you succumb to the much needed R and R?


  1. Your puppy is ADORABLE!! To answer your question....if it's a morning workout I usally go tired, but if it's an evening workout and I'm tired I seem to usually skip it. :(

  2. I feel ya on the evening workout skip, mornings you're supposed to be tired right?! :)