Sunday, July 18, 2010

Manual Labor

Let me start by saying this hasn't been the best/cleanest eating weekend of my life. But, it certainly was good! 
Before dinner last night I snacked on the heal of my Great Harvest loaf.
My mom made dinner and it was nice to sit down at the table and have a meal. This never happens. The bf and I don't like to eat the same types of things and so I often times don't make joint meals. She made a glorious salad with romaine, carrots, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and avocado on the side.
Dressing choices. :)
My large glass of water. It has been so hot I've been chugging gallons.
Here's my bowl of salad and my chicken breast with cream of mushroom brown rice on top. Mmmm.

Cut up. I also had about a serving more of mushroomy rice.
A handful of dots for dessert. Well lets be honest, I had about 5 handful of dots. This was also before I realized we were headed off to Dairy Queen again. O well.
When in Rome. Get an oreo strawberry blizzard. Perfection.
Happily full I went off to bed. This morning I found Oliver sleepy eyed on his cat tower. Sooo cute!
I enjoyed a cup of coffee as I waited for my mama to rise. I had some Almond Milk and Stevia in my coffee.
Then it was off to Squeeze In for breakfast. I had moooore coffee. About two cups.
This is my breakfast. :) I said extra toast and man did they listen. Underneath all of that are spuds too. Carb extravaganza. My omelet had tomatoes, feta, olives, and spinach. The dressing was a tomato basil and my toast was Wheat berry. Sooo good! And believe it or not I ate most of the toast single handedly. True story.
Then my mom and I ventured off to Home Depot in search of landscaping ideas. We were there for like an hour. and then I proceeded to spend the next 3 hours landscaping. I dug holes, planted flowers, laid ground cover, placed stepping stones and bark, etc. It was exhausting. With all this work I had more carbs. :)
Two slices of my Great Harvest bread. One with Peanut Butter and the other with Blood Orange Jelly. To die for.
I also had to make another trip to Home Depot for more supplies. Subsequently, this Home Depot is next to a 7-11. I was sooo hot from working outside that I decided I simply must have soda and an ice cream sandwich. Was it good, yeah. Do I feel sort of sick now from all the sun I've been in and food I've consumed, yeah. I think I need lots of water and to sit on my coach for a while. Done.
But first, here are some of the fruits of my labor.

And consequences of being a landscaper.
Sun makes me tired. And so much for my Rest day from the gym being actual rest. :)

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