Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm trying to think of a name for this post but I can't because my puppy is distracting me with his cuteness

Ok so I don’t know what’s gotten into me but man I branched out a bit with my food combos. You may think that what I’m about to tell you is weird but I promise you will be thanking me later.
So I will call my dinner concoction “PB married Green Beans and Egg and Rice had no objections”. It’s a mouthful I know, but I seriously threw this meal together without any idea of how it was going to turn out and I frankly it rocked my world.
I was comfortably full for hours and the PB kept me from craving something sweet after dinner. In the mix:
½ c egg whites (real eggs would be good too I think)
2 tbsp chunky peanut butter (I would have used almond butter but I left it at work. I think it would be fantastic as well though)
6 oz Green beans
½ c cooked brown rice
So I just microwaved the green beans and rice until they got nice and warm and the green beans lost a little of their crunch. I also threw the egg whites in the bowl and let it all cook together. Sooo easy! Once I stopped and stirred a few times, I plopped the PB in the bowl and microwaved some more and stirred some more. In the end I this great combo of peanut butter infused green beans and rice infused with egg and well I can’t really describe it. The only thing I may do different next time is bake the green beans in the oven; I think that would be super good!
Bottom line I engulfed the bowl. Clearly.

I also realized last night while I was blogging that puppies and kittens handle my computer time in different manners.

Exhibit A: Oliver
Exhibit B: Gatsby
This dog is growing on me more and more.
This morning I had some more Cottage Cheese Overnight Oats (CCOO).
½c oats
1/2c fat free cottage cheese
1/2 c almond milk
Truvia packet
Drizzle of sugar free syrup
Sprinkle of cinnamon on top before consumption
I also had some coffee in the Ariel mug.
Morning snack was a Whole Wheat mini bagel with a tbsp of almond butter.
Afternoon snack was this other dandy concoction. I will call this “Tuna and Slaw topped with Hummus”. In the mix:
3oz. Broccoli Slaw
2 tbsp Eggplant Hummus
½ can of Tuna
I know this seems weird too, but man was it good!
In between all of that was lunch of course. I had another sandwich with a medium apple on the side. My sandwich was 1/2 c egg whites, laughing cow, drizzle of sugar free syrup, between 2 slices of Double Fiber bread.
Gym time today was some cardio and this strength training routine (I forgot to take a picture of the routine, I'll post it next week when I do it)

I have been a little stressed at the gym because I feel like I need to get home to the puppy! I don’t want him to be cooped up in his kennel for more than a few hours.

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