Monday, July 12, 2010

Could I be the next Martha Stewart?

Today was quite a glorious day. The bf got a new job and he is beyond excited about it! Hooray for him, hooray for him!!! I believe tonight we are going out to celebrate his awesomeness.

As promised from yesterday, some new room pics. I hung up some new curtains and sheers to keep out the hot, bright morning sun.

I also moved my desk and strategically placed my Cinderella inspired book holder to the left. I bought it at Ross and it was ugly gold, but I spray painted in silver. Much more Cinderella appropriate I think. I also bought that snazzy clock at Target.

My Disney princess painting needed a wall all its own as well.

Followed by my new IKEA dresser set-up. I bought that candle holders at Ross and the Mirror was my parents. It was originally gold too, but I got spray paint happy with that.

My new full length mirror and mirror bird decals. I secretly love them. Well I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

I also bought these decorative plate things at Ross. They were only $2.99. I imagine them holding jewelry and other randoms.

Close up of the candle holders. I thought they were pretty neat-o.

Oh and close up of Cinderella’s carriage.

Geez, I know, I know, can I get to the food already. Eats were as follows.

Last night’s dinner was some delish Annie’s Mac-n-cheese (aged cheddar I believe). I cooked up a box and had one serving of it (1 cup prepared), along with about two cups of organic zucchini and about a cup of mushrooms and a cup of two of broccoli. Yes that is lots of veggies, but I like that!

Dessert was this delectable grapefruit while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs. Don’t judge.

Breakfast this morning was ½ c oats, drizzle of sugar free syrup, 5 strawberries, and a cup o’ joe.

Snack #1 was about a Tbs. of Garlic Hummus and some leftover carrot sticks from last week. I also may have had an un-pictured mini spoonful of Almond Butter straight from the jar. What! I felt like I needed it!

I also enjoyed some black iced tea with a lil’ lemon. I guess I needed some caffeine this morning?

Lunch was another serving of Annie’s Mac-n-cheese, with about 2 c of organic zucchini mixed in and about 2 servings of frozen asparagus from Whole Foods. I also sprinkled a healthy dose of Smokehouse pepper on this concoction.

Off to the gym I went. Today is the start of the pre-half-marathon training. 5 weeks of prep and then 12 more. We’ll see how it goes.

3 miles on the treadmill (2.5% incline, 6.0 Speed), and some weights courtesy of Fitnessista. (hyperlink)

Overhead Press
Stability Ball Push Up
Lateral Raise
Cable Tricep Extension
Stability Ball Leg Lifts

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