Tuesday, August 3, 2010

take your time... don't live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass

I have an affinity for the classic car. They are so sleek, so dangerous, so car-looking. I’m sorry but cars today can sometimes look like they are straight out of the Jetsons. At times I pass one on the freeway and think “Who in their right mind would buy that car?” Some look like boxes, others look like roller-skates, some even look like toy Tonka trucks. I digress.
Growing up my father had two classic cars.
A 1972 Mach I Mustang
….and a 1953 Chevy Truck
Honesty: His cars didn’t look this pretty. They desperately needed a paint job but they were beautiful regardless.
What is this all about you ask?
Well tonight I will likely be attending a Reno event called Hot August Nights. From the website: During Hot August Nights, cars are "cherry" and cruisin' is "too cool." More than 800,000 people flock to the Event where cars are the stars and rock 'n roll rules through dozens of concerts, controlled cruises, show-n-shines, a sock hop and much more! Plenty of shopping can be found at the Silver Car Auction, Big Boy Toy Store, Hot August Nights Swap Meet. So much to do, so much to see, make your plans to visit Hot August Nights today!
Mission: Find these two cars and ogle at their beautiful, shiny paint job, spotless interiors, and chromed out wheels.

Ok, enough of that, onto some eats.
Last night my dinner was scoffed at. Whatever. Deliciousness is in the eye of the beholder.
I enjoyed some green bell peppers that my parents grew in their garden, with some reduced fat mozzarella cheese melted on top.
Alongside that was some fat free cottage cheese with some almond butter. Protein Power!
This morning I enjoyed some more cottage cheese with a grapefruit mixed in. (Sometimes I commit to things I buy at the grocery store and eat them at every meal because I don’t want them to go bad. Is that normal?)
Coffee was also present.
Lunch was a bowl of veggies and an egg white, laughing cow, and ketchup sandwich on Oroweat Double Fiber Bread. That’s the last of the loaf too so I can move onto another grain!
Snacks were a plate of tomatoes with some mozzarella cheese, a cup of grapes, and a mini bagel with another laughing cow. All at different times of course. I’m quite the snacker.
After work I gymed it up and did 3 miles on the treadmill, some elliptical time, and a chest, biceps workout.
Now I’m just waiting to play with Gatsby, eat dinner, and head out to re-live the automobile past.

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