Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wish Ari Gold was my agent

Today has been a rather nice one so far. I woke up to the sound of Oliver (the new precious kitten, pictures to come soon (once I can get him to sit still for a second)), running around my room. He’s slightly obnoxious but I love him, regardless of the fact that he let his bladder loose on my comforter last night forcing me to sleep sans comforter, or with a solo sheet. 

Moving on, I did the usual morning rituals. Brushed the teeth, washed the face, got dressed, packed some sweet eats, watered the plants, and kissed the bf goodbye as he played Call of Duty. You know, the ususal.

I stopped for a little Venti Starbucks action. I got an iced coffee. Be still my heart. Pre half & half

Post half & half

Delicious. It’s super charged caffeine really hits the spot at 7 AM.

Once I got to work I prepared delicious oats.

In the mix:

½ c old fashioned oats
½ a banana
Drizzle of sugar free syrup, Mrs. Butterworth’s to be exact.

Work, work, work.

Then early lunch time run. I find that when I don’t do something productive, like workout, during my lunch break, I usually wind up aimlessly roaming around Target or getting my car washed or something. Don’t get me wrong these are important activities, but let’s be honest, Target every day can certainly lose its luster, and whenever I wash my car it rains so why should I bother.

I tried to go early (around 9:00) because it’s been getting so hot here, but I was still sweltering while I ran. I did a loop from my office to a hill, up and around the hill, and then back to the office. I’m trying to do more hills because they are hard and I hate them. Why would I want to do something I hate you ask. So that they become easy and I stop hating them of course. Sweaty, red, and ready for some water!

Lunch was this delicious concoction.

Oroweat sandwich thin
Spread of Sabra Garlic Hummus
Roasted Red Peppers
Plus a delicious apple
Oh and my Coke Zero. I know I need to break the habit, but there’s really no substitute for this after a run in the heat, well besides maybe a beer, and I can’t be boozin’ it up at work in the middle of the day. They have support groups for that.

Early afternoon I had some Fat Free Cottage Cheese with some fresh organic strawberries.

Late afternoon snack was the other half of my banana with some Trader Joe's Flax Almond Butter. Mmm Mmmm Good.

After work I headed on over to the trusty gym and did some weight training, plus 20 minutes on the elliptical.
Tricep kickbacks, pushups, shoulder flys, vogue press, tricep dips, chest press. I was a little tired by the time I got there, so it was as good as it could be I suppose.

Now I'm enjoying a lovely Diet Sierra Mist and about to cleanse the sweat off me. Not sure what's for dinner yet but it will certainly be delicious! Especially since I can enjoy it while catching up on Entourage episodes.

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