Tuesday, August 10, 2010

don't waste your touch, you won't feel anything

Zeppelin wants to be a secret spy so bad!
I'm not breaking the news to him that he can't live out his dream. This must be how a parent feels when their child says they want to be a rockstar or an astronaut. "Sure, sure sweetheart, you can be anything you want." When deep inside you know you wanted to be a ballerina, and look at where that took you. Eh, I like to eat too much, ballerinas have to do too little of it. 
I lack this.

Gatsby made a new friend on his walk last night as well.
He sort of thinks he's a tough guy though. If only he knew Zeppelin outweighed him by 6 pounds. I can't shoot down the dreams of all of my animals though. 
He'll lose his puppy teeth soon. The doggie tooth fairy is real. 
See I can play along.
For dinner I definately had cookies and a slice of pizza. Note to self: don't bake a batch of cookies without a recipient (outside of the home) in mind. I will eat the whole lot. 

Breakfast was another Fall favorite (yes I realize it's August), the pumpkin cinnamon oats.
1/2c oats
1c water
3 tbsp pumpkin puree
sprinkle of cinnamon
Truvia packet

It's pretty isn't it.

Lunch was:
3 tomaotes
parsnip fries w ketchup
Tomato Basil Boca Bruscetta burger in a whole wheat pita w more ketchup
Truth be told, I wasn't really feeling the parsnip fries so I didn't really eat them. But I did school a co-worker on what a parsnip was. I was in the kitchen microwaving these babies when the question "What is a parsnip?" arose. I was like "Are you serious?" She might as well have suggested she had no idea what color the sky was. I promptly googles parsnip, showed her a pic, made her sample the fair, and converted another parsnip fry believer. 

That's a successful day if you ask me.

Hit your eardrums with: "The Leaving Song, Pt. 2" by A.F.I

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